10 Ways to Observe Autism Awareness Month at Home with Your Child

  1.  Make your own Autism Awareness bookmarks.

Decorate your bookmarks with blue ribbons, stickers, and drawings.  Get creative and put your craft to use by reading some of your child’s favorite books.  Share quotes from your favorite books on social media and challenge friends to do the same.

  1. Bake something delicious.

This month is all about celebrating your child’s unique perspective: bake something they love!  Feeling super innovative?  Try incorporating Autism Awareness motifs like the color blue, puzzle-piece shapes, or any symbols from your favorite autism organizations.

  1. Make a playlist of songs your child loves.

Rock out to songs that your child enjoys listening to.  Share your playlists with friends on social media.  Write your own song and record a music video!  Choreograph your own dance covers to some of your favorite tunes.

  1. Get out some magazines and make a collage.

Cut out images and words from old magazines and paste onto a sheet of paper or poster board.  Help your child make a collage that best expresses their thoughts and feelings.  Think outside the box and incorporate other materials into your work, like drawings, stickers, glitter, or whatever random odds and ends you have around the house.

  1. Donate to your favorite autism charity.

Give to the autism charity of your choice.  Write a letter to go with your donation: Why does this organization matter to you?  What do you want your money to go toward?  Use this opportunity to teach your child about the importance of giving.  

  1. Film your own Autism 101 class and share online.

Help your child research autism and transform them into the host of their own TV show!  Make a set in your living area and film an episode about Autism Awareness.  Feel free to make follow-up episodes about your child’s favorite topics, no matter how silly!

  1. Make signs about Autism Awareness for neighbors to see.

Get your markers and paper, then make signs to hang in the windows of your home.  Spread the word about Autism Awareness Month and what it means to your family.  Share hashtags, websites, organizations, or other important resources.

  1. Join a webinar.

Sign up for family-friendly webinars about autism and participate with your child.  Watch documentaries or educational videos about autism.  Start a conversation at home about why taking time to stay informed matters.  Connect with educational resources through social media and teach your child where to look to learn more.

  1. Contact your government representative.

Help your child write a letter to your local representative about the importance of Autism Awareness Month.  Advocate for the organizations that you think are best supporting the autistic community.  Encourage your representative to support bills that extend more opportunities to autistic people.

  1. Support and promote autism-friendly businesses.

Many businesses keep themselves sensory-friendly out of consideration for autistic patrons.  Do research on autism-friendly businesses in your area and share their story on social media.  Promote local businesses under the ownership of autistic persons.

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