Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

A licensed therapist works with students at the Solterra Academy who may have gross motor difficulties that impact their functioning within the school, giving them individualized services with care. This may include clumsiness in the classroom, difficulty participating in specials such as physical education, or difficulty playing on the playground. Students who require PT services, as determined by their Planning and Placement Team (PPT), are assessed and seen individually or in small groups by a licensed Physical Therapist, or may be served on a consult basis.


Problem Areas Include: ​

▧   Ambulation (walking)

▧   Balance

▧   Coordination

▧   Stair Mobility

▧   Muscle Tone

Other Services & Features

Many times, activities that are completed in individual therapy will be carried over to the classroom. For this to occur, teachers, tutors and/or aides are trained on the techniques that are appropriate for the individual student, so they are comfortable incorporating these in the classroom. Examples range from performing stretching exercises to helping students utilize certain adaptive equipment.

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