Extended School Year (Esy)

The goal of our Continued Learning Opportunities during our ESY (Summer School) session will be to continue to address each student’s IEP goals and objectives to greatest extent possible given the circumstances.

ESY Services will begin on Monday, July 6th, and end on Friday, August 7th (5 weeks).  Staff will be available to provide, academic instruction, counseling, and related services between the hours of 8:30 and 1:30 only.  While we understand that these hours may constitute a hardship for some of our working families, we are asking that they be respected as closely as possible to protect our staff’s time with their own families this summer.

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Extended School Year (Esy)/Summer School Virtual Instruction Plan

Academic Instruction


Our teachers will be available during regular ESY/Summer School hours of 8:30 to 1:30

All Solterra Academy classes foster the overall development of the student in a structured, supportive learning environment. Each student’s program is highly individualized according to the student’s profile of strengths and areas of need.

The exact day to day schedule will vary depending on the teacher, and they will communicate that directly to their parents prior to the start of ESY/Summer School.

When not directly instructing, teachers will monitor email and other communication with students and parents regularly throughout ESY/Summer School hours.

Digital Platforms

The majority of our teachers will continue to provide lessons and direction to students through the Microsoft 365 platform.
Our younger classrooms will continue to use the ClassDojo platform.,
Our classrooms focusing more on life skills instruction will continue using the N2Y platform.
Parents are asked to assist their children in learning the platform and completing the assignments/activities assigned by their teachers.  Teachers can be contacted through the platform, via e-mail, or by phone.

Counseling and Related Services

School Counselor Talking To Depressed Female Pupil


We will continue to provide periodic updates and messages throughout ESY/Summer School. Should you have questions during this time, the following are ways you can contact school personnel

E-mail any member of the school’s administrative team:

Gwen Killheffer


Patricia FitzGerald

Clinical Director

Sharon Edricks

Assistant Principal

Anna Martin

Assistant Principal

Nicole Haeseler

Assistant Principal

Christine Smith

Assistant Principal

Please continue to check our website for frequent updates as well as a variety of parent resources that we are updating daily

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