Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

For those students who are approved for Occupational Therapy services through their Planning and Placement Team (PPT), Solterra Academy provides licensed Occupational Therapists who work with students on an individual basis, in a small group or classroom, and/or on a consultative basis.

Child with occupational therapist touching sensory integration equipment

Problem Areas Addressed Include: ​

▧   Fine motor skills

▧   Visual-motor integration

▧   Sensory processing

▧   Sensory integration

▧   Handwriting

▧   Deficits in activities of daily living

Other Services & Features

For students with fine motor or visual motor concerns, the Occupational Therapist may make recommendations to the teacher and classroom staff in order to modify or adapt activities to help the student attain greater success with academic/functional tasks. Examples would include, but are not limited to, modifying desk position, writing paper, seating equipment, writing utensils or teaching keyboarding skills.


Occupational Therapy For Sensory

Some students have sensory integration difficulties which impair their ability to handle sensory input in the school environment. These students may also appear to have behavioral problems which stem from their inability to modulate the environmental stimulation and to self-regulate. This can often be alleviated, at least in part, by incorporating sensory techniques and sensory diets, which would be comprised of activities and items to be used throughout the school day.

Some students have decreased independence with activities of daily living. The teacher and the classroom staff can be instructed in various techniques that can be used to help facilitate increased independence with eating, hygiene and other aspects of self-care.

Developing a culture of engaged, self-disciplined, collaborative, and creative thinkers.

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