Autism Programming

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Our Academic Programs

All Solterra Academy classes foster the overall development of the student in a structured, supportive learning environment. Each student’s program is highly individualized according to the student’s profile of strengths and areas of need.

Autism Programming

▧   Comprehensive curriculum, aligned to Common Core State Standards, with differentiated instruction to meet the needs of students across the spectrum

▧   Highly structured environment to support students in developing independent organizational and planning skills

▧   Focus on assisting students in developing a tolerance for change and coping with transitions

▧   Integrated use of technology within the curriculum, including SMART Boards and Apple iPads

▧   Team building activities and social skills development integrated throughout the day


Therapeutic Services

▧   Individual therapy for students, as well as family support, by licensed clinicians

▧   Classroom-based groups to emphasize social skills, anger control, assertiveness, conflict resolution, empathy development, self-esteem and relaxation training

▧   Classroom-based groups to address social language/pragmatics and sensory needs; sensory diets as applicable

▧   On-site psychiatric services for evaluation and medication monitoring

▧   Family outreach and parent training

▧   After-hours crisis service

▧   Individualized behavior plans developed by licensed clinicians in consultation with certified school staff

▧   Occupational, physical and speech/language therapies as determined at PPT

Other Services & Features

▧   40-Day diagnostic programming (S.T.R.I.D.E.)

▧   School consultation and community training

▧   Individualized transition planning

▧   Comprehensive assessment provided as requested

▧   On-site medical laboratory services

Do you have a student or know a student ?

Do you have a student in your school or your care who could benefit from specialized education and programming? Reach out to us today to learn more about Solterra Academy and the programming we have to offer.
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