Mental Health

Mental Health

Solterra Academy offers a complete array of mental health services. Upon admission, each student is assigned a psychologist or social worker who will assess the student’s needs and develop an appropriate service plan. Family support and involvement is encouraged and emphasized across all aspects of the student’s program. 

Services are provided by clinicians experienced in a variety of therapeutic approaches including cognitive-behavioral therapies, play therapy, trauma-informed care, behavior analysis, child-centered therapy and systems-based therapies. Group work focuses on the teaching and development of positive social skills, self-awareness, conflict resolution, self-assertion skills and self-regulation skills. 

Psychiatric services may be requested by families and are offered based on availability.

A school teacher reviews reports with her student on her laptop.
School psychologist analyzing the teenager's behavior during workshops

Services Provided Include

▧   Psychological evaluation

▧   Individual, group and family psychotherapy 

▧   Functional behavior assessment

▧   Behavior intervention planning

▧   On-site psychiatrist

▧   Medication monitoring

▧   After-hours crisis service

▧   Family outreach services


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