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Solterra Academy South

The new building next door to our main site is completely refurbished to include a large classroom, student lounge, workshop, relaxation room, and fully equipped fitness room.  With these resources, SAS will foster a sense of community within our school by offering daily employment, leisure, and social activities.


Vocational Programming

Our vocational programs include community placements that prepare students for meaningful jobs post-graduation. Day-to-day vocational tasks can include manufacturing/ assembly, packaging, cooking, clerical, and custodial work.  Our placements span over 10 businesses in the New Britain area.  We match each student to their unique area of interest and set them up for vocational success.
Placements focus on daily life skills, building experience through field trips, hands-on activities, and guest speakers. Our programs balance work with leisure, allowing students to develop their social skills on a daily basis.  We strive to produce a relaxed atmosphere with a clinical component, providing group and individual therapy as needed.
For referrals, please call the Admissions Office at 860-612-2313.


Student Lounge

Student Lounge

Work Stations

Student Cubicles

Work station

Work Stations

Work Stations

Packaging and Sorting Assembly Line

Fully Equipped Fitness Room

Developing a culture of engaged, self-disciplined, collaborative, and creative thinkers.

We want to help your family and your school district inspire students to transform low performing behaviors. Contact our team now to learn more about our positive behavior support programs.
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