Vocational Education


Our Academic Programs

All Solterra Academy classes foster the overall development of the student in a structured, supportive learning environment. Each student’s program is highly individualized according to the student’s profile of strengths and areas of need.

Vocational Education

Solterra Academy’s delivers vocational programming for students with cognitive and academic challenges from middle school to age 21.  The vocational education curriculum encompasses a comprehensive instructional process that relies on real work as the focal point for career assessment (both interest and aptitude) and job exploration. We begin with preparation in the form of pre-vocational classes, job-shadowing, guest speakers and in-house cottage industries to assess readiness for more advanced programming.

Opportunities are available for students to explore numerous occupations both on-site and in the community, in conjunction with staff support. Our vocational classes are tailored to address the individual student’s cognitive/academic, developmental, motor and language functioning, as well as unique interests and career preferences.


School-Based Instructional Activities

▧   Instruction in Vocational Theory tailored to students’ cognitive abilities

▧   Numerous cottage industries

▧   Recycling projects, maintenance of the school store, and coffee kiosk production and sales

▧   Culinary skill development with emphasis on independent living

▧   Skill training in a variety of clerical, custodial and computer-based jobs

▧   Instruction and practice in ADL skills within a specifically designed space

Community-Based Opportunities

▧   Bi-weekly field trips to gain knowledge of, and access to, community resources

▧   Job exposure, exploration and shadowing

▧   Development of highly individualized job sites based on student readiness, interests and demonstrated strengths

▧   Generalization and transference of daily living skills within real life experiences


Transition Planning

▧   Vocational Interest and Aptitude Assessments

▧   Individualized Transition Planning through a team approach, inclusive of outside agencies as applicable

▧   Planful and supported transition to a less restrictive setting as appropriate

▧   Graduation with a High School Diploma as determined at a PPT, issued by the student’s LEA

▧   Community job placement, prior to graduation, as applicable

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