Short Term Therapeutic Review, Intervention & Diagnostic Evaluation

Diagnostic services

▧   Evaluation of diagnostic and treatment needs from a systems perspective

▧   Psychiatric evaluation

▧   Academic/processing assessment

▧   Related services screenings and evaluations as warranted, including occupational, physical and/or speech/language therapy

▧   Psychological evaluation of both cognitive and emotional status

▧   Diagnostic classroom observation and prescriptive teaching

▧   Formal written evaluations, inclusive of a recommended behavior plan and appropriate community referrals

▧   Individualized Behavior Plans, including a Functional Behavior Analysis


Collaborative & Transition Services

▧   Entrance and final PPT on-site

▧   Additional PPTs at 4 and 6 weeks on-site or by phone

▧   Development of goals and objectives for new IEP

▧   Structured transition plan if recommended by PPT

▧   Community/school consultation during transition process

▧   Ongoing behavioral consultation and in-service training available

Other Services

▧   Parent/family interview(s), therapy and home visit

▧   Full range of academic programming at appropriate developmental levels

▧   Short term therapeutic intervention for related services

▧   24-hour clinical on-call service

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