8 Phrases of Encouragement for Parents and Caretakers of Special Education Children

As we progress through some of the pandemic’s hardest months, we would like to share some words of affirmation for parents, guardians, and caretakers.  You pour your heart and soul into the lives of others: now we want to give that same love and healing in return.  

Remember to take some time in the coming days for self-care.  Journal, read a book, meditate – do something that brings you peace for a dedicated period of time.  

Surround yourself with love.  Take these affirmations and put them in visible spots around your home or workspace.  Thank you for all that you do!

You are perfectly you.

No one lives life without making significant mistakes.  Even though society places (unattainable) expectations on caregivers and parents, deep down, we should live by the principle that no one person is better than any other.  We all are defined by how we learn from our mistakes as we navigate life’s ups and downs.

You deserve the love you give.

It’s the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated.  You dedicate your life to maintaining others’ well-being.  That deed warrants kindness from everyone, regardless of how large or small their role in your world.  Don’t be afraid to set boundaries and hold people to certain standards.  You, more than anyone, set the bar.

Never lose sight of your own importance.

Caretakers and parents often lose sight of the things that speak to their individual souls.  Outside of your work, what brings you joy?  What would you like to explore that you haven’t already?  Don’t feel obligated to sacrifice your happiness on behalf of others.  If you feel overwhelmed or underserved, reach out to your community for help.

Humor is everything.

Life isn’t always so serious.  With a bit of time and perspective, we can often surprise ourselves: things can work out in bizarre ways.  Remember to keep a bit of humor with you wherever you go, and unburden yourself from constant self-criticism.

It’s not a sprint – it’s a marathon.

We will all achieve our goals at a different pace.  Over time, our goals may even change, growing farther or closer to where we are now.  Observe the journey and don’t be afraid to slow down once in a while.  You will appreciate the extra energy down the line.

Cherish life’s small moments.

Society engrains us from a young age to dream big, but not all of us will receive Nobel Prizes or place first at the Olympics.  Most of us will find value in each other, through small but tremendous acts of kindness.  Remember to cherish the important people in your life, and remember that you in turn are cherished by many.

Trust yourself.

Parents and caretakers have particular intuition when it comes to big decisions.  They are doers: they understand how to evaluate situations for risk and preserve what really matters.  Your feelings are valid, and your voice deserves to be heard.

It’s hard, but you can do it.

Caring for a special-needs child isn’t easy.  The journey can seem impossible at times, but at others, it can be a source of profound joy.  You are strong and there are many resources at your disposal.  Remember that when the challenge comes, you will rise to meet it.

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