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6 Tips for Parents to Help Children with Anxiety

Although children with special needs are often treated as a monolith by society at large, some may have additional emotional issues that require supplementary care.  Just like neurotypical children, children with developmental and intellectual differences can suffer from anxiety disorders.  By working to understand anxiety and its impact on behavior, caretakers can improve their children’s

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Social Stories with Children on the Spectrum (with Examples)

Social stories are a great way for parents to communicate social norms to children with autism.  By providing real-world examples for children to reference beforehand, parents can give their child space to navigate situations in the way that best works for them, all while still accounting for the thoughts and feelings of others. Parents can

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How Break Cards Can Help your Child with ADD/ADHD at Home

Children with learning differences may receive specialized instruction at school, but what about outside the classroom?  Professionals in the field of pediatric psychiatry have developed methods to support ADD/ADHD students and their families at home as they tackle challenges both personal and academic. Break cards are an effective, adaptable learning tool that help children recognize

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7 COVID-19 Risk Factors to Keep in Mind this Holiday Season

Every family is navigating the pandemic differently, but for most households, this holiday season will look unique from any before.  If you’re still deliberating holiday plans as a parent or caretaker, inform your decisions with these risk factors from the CDC. Factor 1: Community levels of COVID-19 Keep track of COVID-19 spread in your area

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7 Quick, Easy Steps for Parent Self Care

With the election, the approaching holiday season, a recent spike in COVID-19 cases, and a great deal of related uncertainty, it is tempting for parents to forget self care altogether.  Thankfully, for those of us with hectic schedules, self care doesn’t have to mean turning our plans upside-down.  Here are quick steps parents can take

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