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Tips for Helping your Child with Special Needs Keep their Mask on

Face masks have now become a part of our daily lives. Right now you can not go anywhere without having a mask covering your nose and mouth. As things begin to re-open wearing a facemask to protect everyone is very important. Wearing face masks can present a challenge for families with younger children, especially for

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How to Prepare my Child for a Psychological Assessment

The idea of taking your child to a psychological assessment can be scary or nerve racking. Your child will be undergoing something that is not a part of their normal routine. Naturally parents will be unsure how their child will react. Your child will be undergoing psychological tests used to analyze the mental process of

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What is Elopement in Children with ASD and Why Does It Happen?

As parents and caretakers, we all want to keep our children safe; by our side and within our sight.  But as caretakers of children with ASD, we also know our kids face unique risks in their day-to-day.  What are these risks, and how can we minimize them for our families? Elopement is a term used

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6 Types of Evidence-Based Therapies for Young People

Clinical jargon can quickly overwhelm parents, and although the field of child psychology has blossomed in the 21st century, it has also left families with a growing list of treatment options.  Not all therapeutic methods will be effective in every child.  Before starting their search, parents should learn which evidence-based therapies are available and how

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5 Ways We Can Help Students with Disabilities Develop Self-Agency

As educators and caretakers, we all want our children to lead fulfilling, vibrant lives.  Although children with disabilities may require more initial assistance from adults than able-bodied peers, they still deserve every opportunity to lead independent lives.  This may materialize later in life as moving into their own home, working a job they find rewarding,

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5 Ways to Help Your Autistic Teen Foster Friendships

We all want our children to lead healthy and fulfilling lives on their own terms.  As many of us have incidentally learned, one of the most essential parts of adulthood is balancing day-to-day responsibilities with social interaction.  Although jobs and chores are important, we find emotional fulfillment from time spent among people we trust, respect,

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