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Our Flexible Learning Center is geared toward high school students who struggle in a typical secondary education environment and require individual support, attention, and programming.  We serve students with a history of truancy or expulsion.
The Flexible Learning Center allows students to recover credits for courses they may have failed.  Staff works closely with each student (as well as their parents/guardians) to build schedules that prevent truancy.  At the Flexible Learning Center, students can opt for later start times and early dismissal.  They can focus on meeting graduation requirements through accelerated credit programs and paid vocational programming as determined by PPT.  Special education teachers and BA-level instructional tutors provide 1:1 instruction to every student.  We equip each student with their own Chromebook and cubicle workspace.  We keep seating/grouping flexible. 
The Flexible Learning Center also promotes wellness through a fully-stocked fitness room, which includes an all-in-one weight machine, treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and yoga equipment.  Students can use the fitness room for PE credits if needed.
The atmosphere of the Flexible Learning Center is both clinical and casual.  Students have access to a lounge with drinks and snacks through the PBIS system.  They also have access to clinical services and related services (OT/PT/SLP) as needed.

The new building next door to our main site is completely refurbished to include a large classroom, student lounge, workshop, relaxation room, and fully equipped fitness room.  With these resources, SAS will foster a sense of community within our school by offering daily employment, leisure, and social activities.



Student Lounge

Student Lounge

Work Stations

Student Cubicles

Work station

Work Stations

Work Stations

Packaging and Sorting Assembly Line

Fully Equipped Fitness Room

Developing a culture of engaged, self-disciplined, collaborative, and creative thinkers.

We want to help your family and your school district inspire students to transform low performing behaviors. Contact our team now to learn more about our positive behavior support programs.
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Solterra Academy will begin remote Learning For The Following Dates:

1/14 - 1/26

In Person Classes will Begin Again on 1/27